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Your Funnel Is Lying To You

March 13, 2021 James Rostance Season 1 Episode 72
THE 414 - B2B Marketing Podcast
Your Funnel Is Lying To You
Show Notes

Your funnel, or specifically your marketing funnel map is supposed to be your definitive guide for how leads eventually become customers.

But what if that map is not a true representation of how things are, and how things work in the real word?

What if there were certain assumptions or biases at play when it was conceived and codified?

And have you ever challenged yourself to find discrepancies in it?

According the latest research where 2.5% conversion rates on content driven funnels are the average...

Marketers who take a critical assessment of how their funnels works are seeing those conversion rates increase up to around the 35% mark.

This week on the show we'll be looking into, and finding out about what it is that you need to set about reconsidering and questioning, to help increase your funnel's performance.

Essentially, we're talking about conducting an MOT of the customer generation machine for which you're responsible.

Live from South Africa, Eben Meyer covers everything you need to know to level up your performance and results.

This week with Mary Laniyan.

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