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Why You Need To Get Your Hands Dirty With Data

April 09, 2021 Season 1 Episode 75
THE 414 - B2B Marketing Podcast
Why You Need To Get Your Hands Dirty With Data
Show Notes

Washing the dishes and dealing with data have something in common.

Unless you wash the dishes you’ll be in trouble the next time that you want to eat.

The same is true for your marketing data.

A mistake which a lot of marketers fall into is focusing on metrics, as apposed to owned data.

Metrics such as email open rates and website bounce times are useful.

But your true customer data needs to be embraced, loved and close attention be paid to it.

Poor quality, inaccurate, and old data is likely to result in a raft of problems ranging from rightfully getting ear bashing from sales for giving them poor quality leads, as well as directly being directly responsible for negatively affecting your company’s profitability.

In short, as a marketer you have to step up and make data management and maintenance a core part of your skill set.

It’s not glamorous, but the results which will come of it, will certainly be worth it.

From the city that never sleeps, presumably because of all the wonderful data analysis that they’re always doing, Ruth Stevens LIVE from New York.

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