THE 414 - B2B Marketing Podcast

Preparing For The B2B Post-Covid Boom

July 13, 2021 James Rostance Season 1 Episode 88
THE 414 - B2B Marketing Podcast
Preparing For The B2B Post-Covid Boom
Show Notes

As we come out of the pandemic there’s expected to be a sizeable economic boom.

But in order for you and your company to benefit fully from it there is one key quality which will determine just how well you do...

Adaptability will be the deciding factor, but ahead of that you need to have a clear understanding of what you’ll need to re-think and re-evaluate.

By contrast, inflexibility and blindly continuing with the same approach and processes for Sales & Marketing is not just ill advised, but it could prove fatal.

So if you would like a detailed appreciation of everything that you need to re-evaluate so that you can be pivotal in your company’s future success, you absolutely need to watch this week’s show.

The goal will be to equip you with a clear road map which you can use to instigate and inspire a vitally important discussion for how your company’s combined Sales & Marketing operations can prepare to adapt at this crucial point in time.

Live from West Wickham, London, with the quite excellent Stuart Giddings!

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