A Mental Health Break

Maxwell/ Epstein Party Survivor Molly Skye Brown Courageously Opens up Season 9

April 05, 2022 Vincent A. Lanci/ Molly Skye Brown Season 9 Episode 1
A Mental Health Break
Maxwell/ Epstein Party Survivor Molly Skye Brown Courageously Opens up Season 9
Show Notes

The Ghislane Maxwell trial is something many have heard a lot about over the past year, but where did you consume this information? Was it accurate? After ending up at an Epstein/ Maxwell party, our guest has decided to use her voice to help those who are silent.

In her lifetime, Molly Skye Brown has survived abandonment, abduction, rape, sexual violence and manipulation, psychological abuse, emotional abuse, food and substance addictions, body dysmorphia, suicide attempts, divorce, an extramarital affair, estrangement and complete loss of self as well as her faith in a loving God.

She brings her exquisite personal “light” humor to every dark shadow from her past. Enlightening her audiences that humor can greatly help transcend even the darkest and most shameful of secrets.

Her work has not only shifted her own debilitating PTSD symptoms and repeated suicide attempts, but has helped the hundreds of silent survivors she divinely encounters and coaches.

Molly was born in the affluent and visually stunning peninsula of Monterey, California in 1978. From the ages of six - nine, she was living in the prestigious and gated community of the coveted Pebble Beach neighborhood where she began being stalked, brazenly molested and finally brutally raped by a neighborhood friend’s father, that lived just three houses away. Divine intervention occurred when her family moved across country to south Florida just a few weeks after the final attack.

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Spotlight Story Source:  Forbes, USA Today