Self Discovery with Jaclyn Steele

How to get what you want & need... stories of co-creation

May 19, 2021 Jaclyn Steele Season 2 Episode 69
Self Discovery with Jaclyn Steele
How to get what you want & need... stories of co-creation
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Asking for what we need... co-creating our reality with a Higher Power. - These are the things I'm chatting in today's episode.  God is so loving and so intimate, and God is also so willing to meet us where we are at and answer our prayers. I'm sharing 5 or so short stories of how, after I asked specifically for what I wanted or needed, Spirit met me in a way that only Spirit can.

You can call it coincidence or whatever you want, I call it magic and I call it co-creation. We are such powerful beings, and when we open up to co-create with God, anything is possible. ANYTHING. Even if we don't feel our prayers are being answered right away, something is being orchestrated in the ethers that will form into something better than we ever imagined. - That is my direct experience, and I'm sharing several examples of that direct experience today. ❤️


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Jaclyn Steele:

Hello, fam Happy Wednesday. This is another solo episode and I am coming at you from my RV. And this is probably the last episode that I'm going to be recording in my RV. As I told you in my last solo episode that my husband and I are moving, and we are renting a house for the next year, kind of getting our feet under us establishing ourselves in Arizona after living in Georgia and California and Texas and Missouri and of Louisiana. Gosh, I've lived in a lot of places. It's like Johnny Cash song. Anyway, today, I want to talk to you about the vital importance of asking for what you need. This is something that I've seen throughout my life. But I've seen just so acutely in the last couple of weeks as we've been gearing up to move and now we're in the middle of a move. Before I dive into the content, though, this is hopefully going to be a pretty short episode. I like short, sweet episodes. And I think you guys probably do too, I know you're busy, you have a lot going on. So announcements I am offering for now, this will not be forever. If you hear my husband sneezing in the background or a dog, that is because we are in a shared small space tiny home. And there's just no way around it at this point unless I want to sit outside and 100 degree weather. So sorry about that. It's not for long. But it is what it is. And we're rolling with it. Anyway, what I was saying was, I'm only doing this for a limited amount of time, these next two things, and I'm experimenting a little bit, which for all you business owners out there, I highly recommend that you experiment with things. But I am offering free 30 minute coaching calls. And I'm going to drop that link in the show notes below. It's a calendly link. And basically they're reset calls. So whatever it is, you're going through that you want to hit the reset button on. Let's schedule an appointment. And I will help you do that we can think of some strategies, some tactics, some healing modalities, anything you need, I want to be able to help you with and so go down to that calendly link and pick yourself out of time to schedule a call. And we will hop on the line together. second announcement is I am going to start a texting service where throughout the week, I text you guys. Some uplifting, empowering life affirming things might be a quote, it might be a voice text, it might be a meme. But the whole reason behind it is to uplift you encourage the you


know what

Jaclyn Steele:

out of you and enhance your life. Right now you can sign up for that at 480-531-6858. But after I don't know, I don't know how I'm going to how long I'm going to do this for free. But after a month or two, I am going to charge around $5 a month for this service. Because it is going to be something that I pour some time and energy into to uplift you guys and love on you and share things that are hopefully really really valuable Nuggets to take into your everyday life. So anyway, yes, you can sign up for that simply by texting me at 480-531-6858. And now I want to talk about the vital importance of asking for what you need. I I love Anne Lamott. She's amazing. And one of her famous prayers is help. Thanks, wow. Meaning you either ask for help. And you can just say help, or thanks, or Wow. And I love those prayers, especially when we are in a state where we don't know what we want or need. Those prayers are so effective. God always meets us where we're at. But, and I've been talking about co creation a lot with clients recently. But I want to challenge us to go a step further and co create with our maker with God, the universe spirit, however, you want to define this force that so lovingly comes behind us and is the wind beneath our wings and orchestrates our lives in a way that only God can orchestrate. I want to talk about what it's like to co create with the universe


and why

Jaclyn Steele:

it's so important that you ask for what you need specifically, and I'm going to share about that by sharing some stories from my own life. The first one I want to share is asking for a songwriting mentor. And this happened when I was 2425 years old. And within a week or so, I was introduced to an incredible songwriter in California. And I became his apprentice. So I went from going, Hey, I don't know how to song, right? God, I want a songwriting mentor, that I get one. And I ended up apprenticing with him for two years, and we're still friends. So that was a very, very specific answer to prayer. Another music related request. I and I talked to my friend Owen about this on his podcast today. I was at a place a few years ago, where I had had several bands fall apart, and I didn't want to give up on music. And I wanted to get back in the studio. But budget wise, I was restricted. And I didn't know where I wanted to record, a lot of the recording studios in town, were creating, like jam band music, which is great, but not my sound at all. And so I just said, God, I want to start recording again, I have no idea how I don't know where the money's gonna come from. But I want to start recording again. And within a week, my husband and I were going out to dinner, we went to this restaurant, and there were no tables available. But there are a couple spots at the bar. And we get to the bar, the bartender comes over, we start talking, he's a musician. And oh, my goodness, he has a recording studio that he just opened up. And oh, my goodness, he needed marketing and branding help, and wanted to do a work trade. So in exchange for me doing marketing work for him, he recorded three recorded and produced three songs. For me, that all happened within a week. I mean, the recording process wasn't done in a week. But that answered a prayer came so so so fast. Next thing, this is also music related. So a lot of my prayer requests have been in line with my passions and what I've wanted to do professionally. So you know, if it's a personal request, go go that route. For sure. These examples are both professional and personal. But I'm just continuing on with music one. Next one was, it was May of maybe 2017. Ish, March or may. And Sam and I were in Savannah, and he was like, I know your bands have fallen apart. I know that music has not been easy, and you have been working your butt off. And it just seems to be wall after wall after wall that you keep running into. But I really think you need to play live. And I was feeling the same way. I was thinking I needed to play live too. And I was getting that that bug that urge. And so I told God and I wrote it in my planner, I was like, explore live playing options. And I was like, I don't know how I'm going to do this. I don't have a band, like I can try and do solo stuff. But I really want to do the big band stuff. I have no idea how I'm going to make this happen. Well, whoa, Behold, I don't know, a week, 10 days later, I get a message from a venue that I had done a ton of work with in the past, I hosted an open mic night for them and did concerts and shows and whatnot. And they said, Hey, we have this huge paid gig coming up. We would love for you to headline and be the entertainer, would you be willing to do this? And I was like, Oh my gosh, the show is like six weeks away. I don't have a band. But I've been asking for an opportunity to play live. And this is a paid gig. It's an awesome opportunity to get in front of like, I don't know, five or 600 people. And so I said yes. And then I was like okay, God, no, I need a band. And within a week, guys, guess what? I had a band and we were rehearsing. We worked our butts off and we rehearsed pretty much every single day leading up to that show, but we killed at the show it went so well. We all got paid, etc etc. all an answer to prayer right. Alright, so I'm starting a new segment of the self discovery podcast called These are a few of my favorite things. And these are me highlighting brands that I absolutely love that are sustainable and ethical. And yes, I am an affiliate for them. So when you purchase I get a little kickback but that is what allows me to keep making this podcast and pay my bills. So that being said, I want to introduce you to one of my favorite brands of all time. Ever lane. They stand for exceptional Quality ethical factories and radically transparent pricing. Essentially, because they are direct to consumer, they cut out the middleman so you can get cashmere and silk and high quality cotton apparel at a price that will not break the bank. And this is what they have to say about their process. At everlean. We want the right choice to be as easy as putting on a great t shirt. That's why we partner with the best ethical factories around the world source only the finest materials and share those stories with you down to the true cost of every product we make. It's a new way of doing things and we call it radical transparency. I remember when I purchased my first everlane sweater, taking it out of the packaging, I immediately thought, Oh, this is what a sweater is supposed to feel like the quality is truly exceptional. And I know I will have the items I have purchased from them for years to come. When I need a seasonal refresh in my wardrobe. everlean is consistently one of the first places that I visit, I shopped there for my husband as well because he loves their t shirts and button downs. Anyway, you get the picture. I absolutely love this brand. That's why they are one of my favorite things. And I have some of my favorite pics of the season at the ready for you to view on Jaclyn slash everlane. Again, that's Jaclyn Steele comm slash everlane. And you can also get 10% off your first order by going there. So all the links are in the show notes. Now back to the episode. Okay, next example I want to talk about is asking for healing help. You know, I have for a long, long time been somebody who's dove in to the self development space, I started, like reading self help books when I was like 15. And my parents were going through a divorce and my life was turned upside down. I've done therapy, I've done EMDR I've done all kinds of other healing modalities. But one thing that I do have trouble doing is reaching out and asking for help when I need it. But when I left Georgia, and got to Arizona, I was feeling like I'm ready to level up, like not a little bit level up, level up a lot. So I asked for help, like how do I do this? Lead me guide me Show me that is a prayer that I have been praying on my knees for many, many years when I feel like I need it. Just leave me guide me Show me and God never fails. And in this case asking for help leveling up and healing. I was introduced through my mom to this incredible woman named Bonnie Lim. She does spiritual acupuncture. And she also does life coaching. And this woman it's hard to even describe you feel her energy right when you meet her. It's such an extraordinary experience. And she's clairvoyant. And so she does these readings along with acupuncture, opening up different gates in your body and energetic gates. She also does past life regression, which I did with her. And I should probably do an episode on that if you guys are interested in past life regression work. Shoot me a DM on Instagram. And I will create an episode about that too, because it's very powerful. But banya over the last several months has been such an incredible force of healing in my life. And also she's introduced me to multiple other people who are also healers and now my friends and I'm going to meet one of them tomorrow actually in person IRL. So ask for healing got banja then. I don't know maybe toward the end of last year. Yeah. was December when I can't remember if I told you guys about this, you know, Sam and I've been entrepreneurs for a long time. We have had money, not had money, had money, not had money, had money not had money, which, if you're an entrepreneur, sometimes that happens as you continue to take risks. And last December we hit the skids in that we had been doing so so so so well. Like surprisingly well. And then it was like, bam, ooh, this is a problem. And so that was a big wake up call for me personally, because I was like, I want to create such financial independence that should something like this something unpredictable. Come up like this again in the future. I want to be able to have a nest egg, have other streams of income coming in and just really get my finances in order and also heal some of my money stories. I had some like scarcity, money mindset stuff that I wasn't even aware of guys, which is the first self aware as I am money. is one of those subjects that can be very insidious in our subconscious, you know, there's so much that goes into our money sore it can be how our parents treated money, our own experiences with money, it could be past lives, and that coming up in this life and what that's like. But I had a sense of scarcity around money and just felt like, I really want to empower myself here, there have been times where I've done very well for myself. And there have been times where I'm like, I am not even remotely reaching my capacity right now. But I don't know what to do next. So I knew I needed some healing around my money story, and help beyond the financial books that I was reading. And at the time, I think it was probably January, early February of this year, I was in a mentorship program of Elena browers, which is fantastic, by the way, and she does these live calls every month. But a lot of the time, I can't make the live call because I'm working. Well, it was a same day situation like a Tuesday morning, I've been thinking, you know, I really want to get my finances in order, get some money help. And I see this email come through saying, hey, there's a live today. And it's about money. I was like, Oh, dang, Okay, I'm gonna just make time for that. I am going to make time for that I've been asking about this, here could be a clue to whatever my next step needs to be. Then, lo and behold, the person that she's interviewing on this live is Jesse Johnson. She is a money coach. She is not a six figure, money coach, a seven figure money coach, she blew my mind, because her money story is not about money, money, money, doo doo doo. She takes a very spiritual loving, all encompassing, holistic approach to making money. And it really, really resonated with me. And I was like, I need to reach out to her, I'm going to reach out to her goodness gracious, this is probably going to be expensive. But God show me a sign. Then I get an email. And it's from Baylor University, my, the university that I graduated from. And to make a long story short, my ID number was in there, my old ID number. And I looked at the numbers, and it had this really unusual sequence. And I don't remember exactly what it was anymore. I could look it up. It's in an email that I have. But it was like 484848, it was a repeating set of numbers. And anytime I see a repeating set of numbers, I automatically go, Oh, that's interesting. What is the universe trying to tell me? Well, I looked up that number sequence. And it was about money. No joke, guys. It was about money and abundance and finances. And so I just thought, okay, I am going to contact this money coach, I'm going to tell her the story about these numbers. I'm just gonna see what happens. Anyway, I hired that money coach, I've been working with her, it has been an incredible experience. It was extremely expensive. But it's also been worth every single penny, because of the way that I'm thinking about money now. And my own personal transformation and empowerment, healing my money story. So that's another story about asking what you need. Specifically, the last story that I want to tell you is my most recent story, and that has been Sam and I over the last month, couple of months, really, we have been saying we want stability, we just want some stability. RV living has been fantastic. But after we're going on late nine month, early, 10 months, and you know, little things like the wind, where we are right now is very, very strong. And so we're constantly like literally rocking in our RV. Internet connection is very inconsistent. And so we get kicked off the internet all the time. And for people who work from home and rely heavily on being connected. You know, that can be a really frustrating experience. Then at the end of the day after you've been kicked off the internet all day. And you go to like, sit down and watch TV and just decompress. And the internet keeps buffering on the TV too. You know, it's been 10 months of this. I'm trying to find quiet space because Sam and I each are running our own businesses and we need to take phone calls, I need to do podcast episodes, he needs to record videos, I need to record videos. It's all the little things that just over time have started weighing on us having three dogs in this small space while we're trying to create quiet and we love our dogs so so so much but that close proximity just makes it it's become increasingly hard to stay focused. And so Sam and I have said, We want stability. God, we want stability. We've been asking for that for over a month in between one and two months. And we've applied for these different places in Phoenix, you know, again, we're going to rent versus buy right now, just to figure out what we want to be doing. And it seemed like, around every corner, it was, this place doesn't allow dogs or This place is already taken, or, hey, Sam is traveling, you're here, there's this cool house. But by the time Sam gets back, and we're able to see it and apply, it's going to be gone, you know, just kind of like a series of what could be viewed as unfortunate events, but actually are just God's way of saying, I have something better for you. And last week, I did a little igtv video on this too. So that's worth checking out on Instagram. But I had a little inkling that I needed to go on And just check out the new uploads after not checking for a while because I was like, God's gonna present the right place at the right time. And for now, we have the RV, we're safe, we're good. You know, we have everything we need. But I felt this nudge to go look on And I found this house. And it had just been put up. And it is so cute. So perfect for us. And I thought, okay, that's interesting. I'm just going to call. And in the past when I've called places nobody answers and nobody calls me back, because so many people are moving right now. So I just thought, if this is an easy process, then this is the one for us. Well guess what, I got in touch with the real estate agent mmediately. And within minutes, she was sending me information on the place. And then a few hours later, because we couldn't drive a couple of hours to this place. She did a video tour for us. Then the next day, we were approved with our rental application and everything went so seamlessly and so easily compared to every other transaction we had tried to make before this. And I told my mom about the street name of this place that we are renting. And I showed her the pictures. And she said, Do you know what that street name means? And I was like, well, I love the street name. But what do you mean? And she goes, that means stability. That means stability. So here, it almost brings tears to my eyes. God meets us so intimately, especially when we ask for it. God is taking care of things spirit universe is taking care of things. 24 seven, without us even understanding what's happening. But when we ask for what we need, we might not get it right away. We might not get an answer right away. But that is because God is orchestrating things to be the best version of what is going to be best for us. And so I wanted to share these stories with you to encourage you and say, experiment, experiment with CO creating with the Universe by simply asking for what you need. And then trusting that God is going to show up and do what only God can do. It really is that simple. Ask for what you need. Trust that it's going to happen in the right timing, and then do what you need to do, like I showed in my Instagram Live video, your igtv video, it's going to be hard to get that house if you don't put in the application. It's going to be hard to start that business. If you don't have a product, it's going to be hard to start that podcast if you don't submit it for distribution. So we have to take action. But in my experience, what God does with even tiny action is just so mind bogglingly amazing. God is so good and God loves us so much. And I feel like this universal force power is just saying, What do you need? Let me help you. Let me help you. So experiment with it. And then share your stories with me. Reach out to me on Instagram, send me a direct message, comment on one of my photos. Text me at 480-531-6858 with your stories. I want to hear your progress and I want to hear what happens when you start implementing this simple, simple, simple thing into your life of just asking for what you need. Okay guys, that is today's episode I'm sending you so much. love so much freaking love. May you just feel enveloped in a hug right now and know that you are so So treasured. You are so valued. You're so precious. You are so strong. I can't wait to talk to you in the next episode. Have an awesome day, guys.