Self Discovery with Jaclyn Steele

Change the Frequency on Self-Doubt

June 16, 2021 Jaclyn Steele Season 2 Episode 73
Self Discovery with Jaclyn Steele
Change the Frequency on Self-Doubt
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Self-doubt is a slippery beast, but here's the deal: it's part of the human experience.  Today's episode normalizes self-doubt & introduces several ways to help you overcome it and get on with bringing your dreams and desires to fruition.  The world needs YOUR gifts.  PERIOD.


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Jaclyn Steele:

Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good. We often might win by fearing to attempt William Shakespeare. Hi, I am Jaclyn Steele and welcome to self discovery. Howard Thurman so beautifully wrote, don't ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive, coming alive. That my friends, is what self discovery is.


Where that my

Jaclyn Steele:

Well friends, today I am going to be talking about self doubt. Before I dive into the content, I want to do just a little atmosphere talking, I'm in my living room right now. I'm on this gorgeous creamy shag rug that my husband and I recently bought. My dog Pippin is to my left and she is grooming a little bit. And so if you hear a dog in the background, that is her my dog Shiloh is taking an adorable little nap, I wish that I could just show you a picture of it right now. off to my right, my other dog tumnus is back in the bedroom with my husband who just sneezed. It's the end of a work day on Friday. This episode is going to be coming out next Wednesday. And I'm just feeling good. I had like a little hashimotos relapse at the beginning of last week. And they feel like I'm learning how to treat my body and love my body back into balance better than I ever have. I still have room for improvement. And let's see what else Oh, Gaius, if you are listening to this podcast, and if you've been a listener for a while and you haven't written a review, please, please, please do. So I read every single one. Most of them make me tear up because it's so flabbergasted me that people take the time to write reviews. But they do make such a difference not only to my heart, but to the algorithm. So when people are searching about self discovery, searching about personal development, they can find this podcast. So again, if you feel like this podcast has encouraged you loved on you and lightened you in any way, please leave a review, please share it with your friends that will get the word out. And then second, if you haven't texted me yet, why the heck not? I am starting this. I haven't started it yet. But I'm in the process of doing all the creation for it, which I'm super pumped about. I am starting a texting group that's going to be called the sacred rebel. And essentially several times a week, I'm going to send you this juicy text that I'm sure because God just works like this will show up at your inbox at the perfect time right when you need it. And it is going to encourage you uplift you kick your butt into gear B messages that I feel like are divine downloads to encourage that sacred revel in you, which I believe is that part of you that is like the horse in the cage ready to run, ready to take on whatever it is that your sole mission is here to do. So sign up for that text message service. I'm going to drop the phone number in the show notes but also say it right now it's 48053168584805316858 that is me. You can text me directly I want to have contact with you. Okay, now that I've done a little atmosphere description, and I've talked to business I want to talk changing the frequency on self doubt. First of all, self doubt is normal. It's part of the human experience. And I want to normalize that right off the bat. Because if you experience bouts of self doubt my darling My love My dear You are in really good company. self doubt is our egos way of protecting us, making sure we don't get too big, aren't seen too much. Aren't heard too far and wide in the chance that we could make a fool of ourselves or worse, dot dot dot fail. Can you imagine? Can you imagine if we were to fail I say that sarcastically because I don't believe in straight out failure. Like Priyanka Chopra, Jonas says, There is no such thing as failure. You either win or you learn and I believe that my friends to my core yet, I still experience self doubt sometimes. And so I thought, as I am learning that I wanted to share what I'm learning about self doubt, because it is a sneaky beast, and if we are not careful, it will keep us in hiding for the rest of our lives. 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This is what I call a conscious company. And one that genuinely cares about its customers head on over to rise superfoods calm that spelled RYZE su, to grab a bag now and enter code Jaclyn j, AC Li n at checkout for 15% off. Now back to the episode I heard today in my Akashic reading. Just as a side note, I'm exploring the Akashic Records right now. And I'm loving, loving, loving loving this process. And I have a feeling I'm going to bring forth a lot more information about the Akashic records. But this is what I heard. Every feeling has a frequency. So if you want to change a feeling, you have to change the frequency. And I really like this idea. I like the idea of changing the song on our playlist. It's not complicated, it's simple. So often, changing the frequency of a feeling can be something that can be done in that moment, we can choose specifically when it comes to self doubt, or any other feeling to sit in it or to change the channel. That being said, I want to chat on three things that I think are really important when it comes to the idea of changing the frequency on self doubt. The first thing is, and I want to keep this simple. No truth, in my opinion is super complicated. It is something truth in my opinion, and universal truth is always simple. So this is going to be my attempt as a human to keep my thoughts on self doubt simple. Number one, when it comes to changing the frequency on self doubt, build awareness around self doubt. If we aren't aware of what we are feeling, it's hard to change what we are feeling. What does self doubt look and feel like for you? Is it sitting down at your computer to do something you've been wanting to do? And then allowing yourself to get so distracted? That you use up all your time on other things? Is it psyching yourself into exhaustion. So you have to cancel going to that event with the change makers and your industry because you're intimidated? Is it creating something and then hiding in a way? Is it buying an outfit you've been coveting but not wearing it because it will make you stand out and you are afraid of what your body might look like with all those people looking at you? Is it refusing to start a health plan because your past track record is already telling you that you can't do it? Is it staying at a job you hate because you don't know if anyone will hire you or if you are qualified enough for that job. You really, really really want sit with your doubt and ask yourself what it's rooted in. And little hint is rooted in some kind of fear. Every feeling in this world can either be deducted back to love or fear. The frequencies around fear are very low. The frequencies around love are very high and self doubt is a low frequency fearful kind of feeling. Number two, change the Frequency on your doubt. like Tony Robbins suggests, if you want to change your mood, you have to change your state. So do jumping jacks, take a walk, pet your dog, listen to something empowering. Put on your favorite club song, watch a motivational YouTube video, exercise and shake out that icky energy. Look at something beautiful, and feel grateful that human hands could make something like that. And PS, your human hands can make beauty to you get the idea. Changing the frequency on your doubt is about getting out of your head. And getting out of that self doubt spiral, change the song, change the channel, change the station, you have the power to give yourself doubt energy or to starve it of your time and attention. And I suggest the ladder. Okay, number three, decide to take action beyond your self doubt, the famous painter and one of my favorite painters of all time, Vincent van Gogh said, If you hear a voice with you say you cannot paint then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced. This is the truth my friends, the antidote to the voice of self doubt, is action. self doubt, like I mentioned in the beginning, is a tool of the ego. The ego wants to keep us small and safe and secure. And it never wants us to look like a fool, or be perceived as someone who doesn't have their excuse my language shit together. But here's the truth. We can never control how others perceive us. Whether we get big or we get small people are going to judge us. It's just the way of the world. And often we may think people are judging us but they're so in their own worlds and in their own lives. They're not paying attention. So that's a good side note to remember to another thing that I want to remind you of is that you playing small, robs the rest of us of your unique gifts. The gifts God gave you for a reason. The urges the passions, the Inklings, God gave you for a reason. They are an intricate part of the masterpiece God is creating. And without that specific color or tone, or note that only you can create that masterpiece is in complete. I'm going to wrap up with a quote from Roy t Bennett, and the light in the heart. Don't let others tell you what you can't do. Don't let the limitations of others limit your vision. If you can remove yourself doubt and believe in yourself. You can achieve what you never thought possible. With so much love my friends. Thank you for listening