Up My Hockey with Jason Podollan

EP.71 - Carsyn Good - The Road to the BCHL

September 16, 2021 Jason Podollan
Up My Hockey with Jason Podollan
EP.71 - Carsyn Good - The Road to the BCHL
Show Notes

Carsyn is one of the newest members of the Jr. A Cranbrook Bucks of the BCHL. He’s 18 years old and has been a client of mine for a year and a half. 


When Carsyn and I started working together, he had a big goal (earning a D1 scholarship), but he was a player without a lot of confidence and without an identity. 


Carsyn and I started playing the long game. We figured out what was going to have to happen for Carsyn to get the results that he wanted. Carsyn bought in and worked hard at his craft on and off the ice. He developed the mindset required to improve as a hockey player while also improving as a person. 


The road is never smooth, but there are opportunities at every corner and Carsyn kept raising his standards and his commitment. He put one good day on top of the other and he ended up with a job in the BCHL – one huge step closer to reaching his goal of playing for a D1 university in the USA. 


There are many lessons to learn from this interview and plenty of inspiration. Enjoy! 


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