#204 | The Return of Claude Racine-Valinsky From the Depths of Postpartum Depression to "Gangster" Mom Mode
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#204 | The Return of Claude Racine-Valinsky From the Depths of Postpartum Depression to "Gangster" Mom Mode
Mar 15, 2023 Season 4 Episode 204
Claude Racine-Valinsky

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Claude Racine Valinsky is a former professional dancer and choreographer in Los Angeles who is now a mother who has recovered from postpartum depression and become a thriving mom-preneur. She returns to the show for the third time to share her "gangster mindset" for turning our most difficult moments in life into our greatest opportunity for growth, expansion, fulfillment and success. Claude joined us in episode #28 to share her home birth story and again in episode #72, where she opened up about the darkness of her postpartum depression, sudden weight gain, and health struggle with a Hashimoto's diagnosis.

After that episode, we promised to do a follow-up to and none of us imagined such a transformation would follow.

Today, at 41, Claude is in the best shape of her life physically, fulfilled as a wife and mother, and making far more money than she ever imagined possible from a business she started just two years ago, which has financially transformed every aspect of her family's life. She is back with a powerfully motivating message on how mothers who may barely recognize themselves right now can begin to take small steps toward reinventing themselves. She tells us how she picked herself up by her bootstraps and gives us advice on how to embrace our own power even amid despair, and to recognize we are all capable of living a happy, vibrant and fulfilling life postpartum.

Claude Racine-Valinsky

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