#252 | A Father's Perspective on his Baby's Inaccurate IUGR Diagnosis
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#252 | A Father's Perspective on his Baby's Inaccurate IUGR Diagnosis
Feb 14, 2024 Season 5 Episode 252
Cynthia Overgard & Trisha Ludwig

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IUGR or Intrauterine Growth Restriction is the latest trend on the obstetric scene--a diagnosis that has afflicted many mothers unnecessarily. Eric, a father of two daughters,  joins us on the show today to discuss his experience with his wife's IUGR experience.  When an early ultrasound told them their baby was measuring smaller than expected, they were sent to maternal-fetal medicine and their baby was labeled as growth-restricted. As their dreams of a birth center birth quickly vanished, they started having regular ultrasounds and non-stress tests to monitor their baby. While Eric's intuition told him everything was ok with their baby, he had to balance the forceful voice of the medical system and his wife's nerves and unease, given the pressure and fear-tactics she was relentlessly subjected to, while having to make constant trips to and from the doctor to continually check on the baby. At forty-two weeks they scheduled a hospital induction, birthing a perfectly non-growth-restricted baby who was estimated to be just forty weeks’ gestation, indicating the doctors incorrectly estimated the due date at the outset. This story illuminates the excessive fear and risk put upon parents and the common inaccuracies of IUGR diagnoses.

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