#58 | October Q&A: Milk Supply; VBA2C; Second-Pregnancy Symptoms; Urge to Push; Sitz Baths; Vertex Babies Who Flip
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#58 | October Q&A: Milk Supply; VBA2C; Second-Pregnancy Symptoms; Urge to Push; Sitz Baths; Vertex Babies Who Flip
Oct 28, 2020 Season 1 Episode 58
Cynthia Overgard & Trisha Ludwig

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What does it mean if my baby won't stay head down in late pregnancy? Can I prepare my perineum for birth by taking a sitz bath during pregnancy?  Let's talk about VBAC/VBA2C and why Failure To Progress (FTP) is NOT a risk factor for another cesarean birth. Here's the biggest worry for new mothers planning to breastfeed: making enough milk and how to do it. What if I get the urge to push before I am fully dilated? How late in pregnancy can I change providers? Am I pregnant? My symptoms are completely different this time. All this and more in this week's Q&A episode! 

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