Energy vs messaging, what’s more important?
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Infinite Receiving
Energy vs messaging, what’s more important?
Oct 07, 2021 Season 1 Episode 182
Suzy Ashworth

These two pieces of the puzzle are really important. Both need to exist in order for you to get the types of results that are going to make, the impact, and the income.

But what happens when you’re stuck in a rut? What happens when it feels like you’re doing all of the things and feeling great but it isn’t reflective of the results you’re getting?

Listen to find out which piece is 80% of the puzzle and what other parts of the puzzle there are.


  • [01:47] Coaching, being coached and what else is at play to get results
  • [09:39] When you've ticked all of the boxes yet it’s not working for you
  • [14:14] The last piece of the puzzle that sits alongside
  • [15:03] Why is that important to you?


  • “Because I don't outsource my power I am able to really enjoy quantum leaps in my growth when it comes to my impact and my income, despite things going wrong.”
  • “One of the things that I think is so, so important across the board in every single area of your life is to look to see, where am I outsourcing my power.”
  • “You can have the best coaching, the best consulting, the best mentorship in the world, but if you're not taking action, if you are not really listening to the advice and the mentorship, and then you're not taking action on that, you're never going to get the results.”


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