Big Book Energy

Season 3 Trailer

January 11, 2021 Jennifer Fain and Paige Downey Season 3
Big Book Energy
Season 3 Trailer
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We're back for Season 3! This season is all about mythology and folklore. We're also bringing on some of our listeners as special co-hosts during our bonus episodes. Tune in for another exciting season of BBE!

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JENNIFER: Hi everyone! This is Jennifer, 

PAIGE: and this is Paige, and welcome back to Big Book Energy, a podcast for bookish chats. 

JENNIFER: We are two librarians and archivists who shockingly love books. We met on the job in the very appropriately named Reading Room and started talking books when we were supposed to be working. Anything from books we loved, to books we hated, or books we found problematic.

These conversations always ended up with me saying something like I could talk about books for hours, or maybe I could rant about books for hours is more accurate. And that's when I first had the brilliant idea to con Paige into starting a podcast with me. Just like that Big Book Energy was born. 

PAIGE: The theme for season three is mythology and folklore. So tune in every other Monday, starting January 11th, to hear us chat about books inspired by some of your favorite myths and fairytales, or sometimes just some straight up folklore. In season three, our episodes will center around the mythological or folklore background, the summary of the book pick of the week, and then some discussion of questions which the book brought up for us - as well as a couple of bonus segments thrown in for good measure.

JENNIFER: This season, we're also doing something a little new inviting listeners onto the show. Our bonus episode theme for this season is Phone a Friend, which means that once a month, one of you will get to pick what book we read and join us on the show to discuss it. If you're interested in being on the show, head on over to, and sign up for the Book Elder tier. 

PAIGE: You can find Big Book Energy on every major podcast provider: Apple podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, and more. We also have a blog at, where we post occasional book reviews and book listicles. Finally, this podcast is free to listen to, but if you would like to support us and get some awesome books at the same time, you can check out our bookshop store at, or unlock some awesome content like full versions of our bonus episodes by heading on over to 

JENNIFER: We are so excited for what we have planned for season three, and we hope you are too. Bye!