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A Tale of Russian Folklore - The Bear and the Nightingale

January 11, 2021 Jennifer Fain and Paige Downey Season 3 Episode 1
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A Tale of Russian Folklore - The Bear and the Nightingale
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We open up season 3 with The Bear and the Nightingale, a story inspired by Slavic and Russian Folklore. Tune in to learn a bit about this story and the mythology it is based on.

Russian Folklore Resources

Paige Presents Fun with Comics: Lore Olympus, Webtoon

The Bear and The Nightingale

Creative’s Corner: Tale Foundry


  • What are some similarities and differences you can see between Russian/Slavic folklore and Western folklore or fairy tales?
  • Vasya’s socially acceptable choices are get married or go to a convent. She chooses neither and runs off on her own. If you lived in this society or time period, what do you think you would have done?
  • What are some modern folk tales that you are familiar with? Would you want to read a book inspired by them?
  • Ivan Bilibin was the artist Jennifer was talking about during the discussion, you can learn more about him here:

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