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Critiquing the Monomyth: The Power of Myth

May 03, 2021 Jennifer Fain and Paige Downey Season 3 Episode 9
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Critiquing the Monomyth: The Power of Myth
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For Jennifer's final episode of the season, she has chosen a slightly different pick with the Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell. Tune in as she analyzes Campbell's theories on comparative mythology.

The Power of Myth, by Joseph Campbell

Resources Jennifer used:

Paige Presents Fun with Comics: Descender by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen.

Creative’s Corner: Paige serves another mythology knockout with YouTube channel Fortress of Lugh.

Discussion Questions

  • Campbell says, “We can’t have a mythology for a long, long time to come. Things are changing too fast to become mythologized” (38). Do you agree with this statement? If there is a modern mythology, what would it be?
  • Campbell argues that there are four functions of myths, but that the fourth one is most important for us today: pedagogical. Meaning that myths teach us “how to live a human lifetime under any circumstances” (39). What do you think? What have myths taught you in your life?
  • What do you think of the concept of the monomyth (the hero’s journey)? Is it truly as all-encompassing as Campbell made it out to be?

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The Power of Myth
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Critiques of The Power of Myth
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