Big Book Energy

50 Shades of Red: The Kiss Quotient

July 30, 2021 Jennifer Fain and Paige Downey Season 4 Episode 1
Big Book Energy
50 Shades of Red: The Kiss Quotient
Show Notes

BBE branches out with this month's pick into uncomfortable territory for both Jennifer and Paige (but mostly Paige). Tune in to hear out thoughts on our first Guilty Pleasure Pick: The Kiss Quotient.

The Kissing Quotient, by Helen Hoang

Paige Presents Fun with Comics: Girls of the Wild’s on Webtoon.

Creative’s Corner: Paige serves up an Iceland-inspired podcast: Saga Thing. Hosted by two professors, get an entertaining breakdown of Icelandic literature.

Discussion Questions

  • Why did Jennifer choose The Kiss Quotient as a guilty pleasure book?
  • I [Jennifer] am dying to know what you [Paige] thought of this book, it is very outside our normal range of reading
  • What were your favorite or least favorite spicy moments?

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