The Theo Fleury Podcast

Episode #5 - Tom & Debra Mauro

January 01, 2020 Theo Fleury / Tom & Debra Mauro Episode 5
The Theo Fleury Podcast
Episode #5 - Tom & Debra Mauro
Show Notes

Tom and Debra Mauro have known Theo since he came to Calgary in 1989.

They are proud Calgarians, proud Albertans and proud Canadians. 

Tom was born in Albi, Italy, which was the name of the homebuilding Company he founded in 1982.  Albi was the premiere luxury estate home builder in Calgary for over 30 years.  Tom and Debra sold Albi Homes in 2015.

Since retiring in 2015, Tom and Debra have focused on their family, their friends, their Community and their Faith. 

Tom and Debra have been giving philanthropists in the communities in which they live and work for many years.  They have been the driving force behind many community endeavors and involved as co-chairs of the Calgary Child Advocacy Center.

Calgary CAC:

Tom Mauro (ACPP '77) - SAIT POLYTECHNIC 2009

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