The Theo Fleury Podcast

Episode #23 - Dr. Pat O'Leary & Matthew Widmer

December 09, 2020 Theo Fleury / Dr Pat O'Leary / Matthew Widmer Episode 23
The Theo Fleury Podcast
Episode #23 - Dr. Pat O'Leary & Matthew Widmer
Show Notes

On this exciting episode of the podcast Theo makes a special announcement about his new alliance with Metamedical Solutions.  Along with Dr Pat and Matthew, Theo discusses the new and innovative technology that Metamedical Solutions is offering in the area of mental health and wellness.  They also discuss the amazing new Mobile Wellness app they have recently released.

Link to the Mobile Wellness App:

Dr Pat O’Leary

Bringing more than 37 years of International Executive experience from both public and private ventures Pat has always been motivated to succeed. Bringing companies public, mergers and acquisitions along with strategic financing and structure has allowed him to adapt quite quickly to the fast pace of software development. This will enable the company to grow quickly into all the vertical markets in the Health and wellness industry.

Matthew Widmer

With an educational background in Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Philosophy and Psychology; Matthew leverages his research combined with 19 years of IT and Developmental experience into innovative solutions for multiple technology sectors. Innovation and Development is his niche. These combinations put him at the forefront of re-imagined medical and virtual platform design driven by applicable scientific research. His drive is to solve large problems with global scalability and focus on the integrations of technology into society for the betterment of health, wellness and learning.

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