Next Level Loan Officers

Actions That Matter: The secret to becoming a top producer

September 01, 2021 Next Level Loan Officers Season 1 Episode 122
Next Level Loan Officers
Actions That Matter: The secret to becoming a top producer
Show Notes

Know your worth! On this episode, Shane, Sean, and Kellen talk about Power 90 and how it will shape your life and business for the better. The guys discuss why focusing on actions that matter, will allow you freedom, give you less stress, and allow you to take your origination to the next level. 

2:00 Power 90

3:30 Prepare for the week

7:40 Don’t cheat on your calendar

10:05 Actions that matter

17:05 Market share

18:00 Working on your business


“Most loan officers don’t prepare for their week, they fall into their week.”

“If you don’t know what your worth per hour is, then you are probably underpaying yourself.”

“You need to ask yourself what proactive activities have you done to move the needle forward in your business.”

“In the mortgage world, the name of the game is market share.”

“The Loan Officer with the most friends and creates the best relationships, makes the most money.”

Key Takeaways:

In Power 90 the goal is to have a strategic thought process in how you prepare for your week.

If you don’t understand your worth you will not know what tasks you can delegate and offload. 

Being a proactive loan officer will always get you farther quicker, than being a reactive loan officer. 

As long as you have a solid team, it doesn’t matter who does your actions items.

Checking in once a week as a “stress check” allows you to help with creating a great experience. 

If you are a one man band, your first hire shouldn’t be marketing it should be someone that gets you out of non-money-making activities


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