Next Level Loan Officers

Becoming a Mortgage Difference Maker w/Jason Frazier

December 29, 2021 Next Level Loan Officers Season 1 Episode 129
Next Level Loan Officers
Becoming a Mortgage Difference Maker w/Jason Frazier
Show Notes

On this final episode of 2021, Jason Frazier joins Kellen Vaughn to talk about the mindset of a mortgage difference maker. The guys also discuss the recent Next Level Mastermind in Dallas along with the ONE thing that Loan Officers should start doing today that will reap rewards tomorrow.  

3:30 Consumer First Mindset 

5:40 Be a difference maker 

11:50 Building blueprints 

16:50 Number one opportunity 


“You can help everyone!” 

“It is time to break down the barriers of thinking that sales is different than marketing.” 

“The consumer journey is no longer linear.” 

“This work isn’t easy. If you’re in this business for legacy, it is going to be hard work.” 

“Once you understand where your expertise is and where you can help the most people, you triple down on that blueprint.” 

“The greatest opportunity for loan officers right now is Youtube.” 

Key Takeaways: 

A loan officer getting to the consumer first is beneficial for everyone, including the agent.  

Build a strong referral network so you can help as many people as possible, even if you are helping them to go somewhere else.  

Sales, marketing, being an advisor, and education is all the SAME. 

The more you understand about your ideal customer, the easier your marketing is and the better your conversions will be.  

Don’t market to consumers that you don’t have expertise in helping. 

Stop doing content that consumers don’t care about.  


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