Linda's Corner: Hope - Healing - Happiness

Linda's Corner - Fighting global poverty with James Belt

February 21, 2023 Linda Bjork/James Belt Season 4 Episode 8
Linda's Corner: Hope - Healing - Happiness
Linda's Corner - Fighting global poverty with James Belt
Show Notes

Welcome to Linda's Corner.  In this episode, humanitarian James Belt explains a world changing approach to fighting global poverty.   James is the owner and president of Belt Enterprises, Inc., the author of "Hope Realized," and a church leader and missionary who served in Nicaragua for 3 years where he witnessed the realities of poverty first hand.  You can reach James and learn more about his book and his mission at his website   When you buy a copy of Hope Realized  you are taking a step to bring hope to others as 50% of the royalties will be invested in NicaWorks! (an organization that creates community-led change to build a hopeful present and future for the vulnerable in Nicaragua).

Some of the highlights James shares:

  • Poverty isn't just a lack of resources.  Often, even after resources are available, poverty lingers.  Why is that? and can anything be done to help?
  • A world free of poverty is possible when we reimagine the powerful force of hope and what it can do
  • James shares his personal experiences in poverty stricken Nicaragua
  • The reason why resources and missionary work aren’t enough to create real change
  • The importance of redefining hope - it's not about wishy washy wishing
  • The importance of redefining identity by understanding that you are created by a God who loves you.  You were created on purpose and for a purpose.
  • How to combat poverty by combining the incredible powers of practical and spiritual hope
  • How the power of practical and spiritual development can diminish poverty and expose the lie of hopelessness
  • Harness the Powerful Force of Hope with Easy Action Steps
  • How being curious helps us find solutions
  • How we perceive people can influence how we treat them
  • Bring your skillset to the table
  • Bet connected
  • Take a step 
  • And more

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