Linda's Corner: Hope - Healing - Happiness

Linda's Corner - John's Crazy Socks with John and Mark Cronin

March 07, 2022 Linda Bjork/John and Mark Cronin Season 3 Episode 19
Linda's Corner: Hope - Healing - Happiness
Linda's Corner - John's Crazy Socks with John and Mark Cronin
Show Notes

Welcome to Linda's Corner, a top-rated, positive, encouraging, self-improvement podcast.  My name is Linda Bjork and today we’re going to be talking about spreading happiness by showing what’s possible.  I’m delighted to welcome special guests John and Mark Cronin.  John and Mark are the father-son team that founded John’s Crazy Socks. John is an entrepreneur who just happens to have Down syndrome. You may know John and Mark for being named EY Entrepreneurs of the Year or for testifying before Congress or for speaking at the UN.  Perhaps you may know them because John became “Sock Buddies” with former President George H.W. Bush. Or you may know them for having grown a bootstrap start up company into a multi-million dollar social enterprise.  If you want to learn more about them you can visit their website at

Some of the highlights John and Mark share:

  • The background story of John's Crazy Socks and how they made it grow into the world's largest sock store
  • Their two part mission 1) spread happiness, and 2) show what people with differing abilities can do
  • They explain how hiring people with differing abilities is not "altruism" it's good business, (over half the employees at John's Crazy Socks have a differing ability)  
  • Their 'giving back' program starts with a 5% pledge of profits to benefit Special Olympics and how they've raised over $450,000 for their charity partners
  • How they advocate for people with differing abilities by testifying before congress, the UN, and giving TEDx talks.  
  • How they earned fabulous customer satisfaction with over 29,000 positive reviews
  • And more

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