Mom Journey: Breastfeeding After Losing a Baby
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Breastfeeding Talk
Mom Journey: Breastfeeding After Losing a Baby
Jul 13, 2022 Episode 74
Jacqueline Kincer, IBCLC, CSOM

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In today’s episode, Jacqueline has a very special guest to share her breastfeeding journey. Jennifer Shafer is actually our podcast manager but has such an amazing story that we had to pull her from behind the scenes. 

Jennifer is a mom of two boys and she’s been on her breastfeeding journey for almost 6 years now. She’s gone from figuring out everything as a first-time mom with no help, to donating 5000 ounces after losing her 3rd child. She’s tandem nursed, nursed through pregnancies, dry nursed, and experienced clogged ducts. 

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*This episode does reference the loss of a newborn so please be advised when listening.

In today's show, we discuss:

  • Breastfeeding as a first-time mom after an unplanned c-section
  • Battling clogged ducts and lip ties
  • Tandem nursing after nursing through a pregnancy
  • Donating and pumping breastmilk
  • Weaning at 4 and a half
  • Losing a child and continuing to breastfeed after that loss

A Glance at This Episode:

  • [2:59] Jennifer seeks lactation help after her unplanned c-section but receives no in-person help
  • [9:58] Being pregnant, her son continues to nurse through pregnancy and even dry nursed when she dried up
  • [11:06] Jennifer’s 2nd birth, a water birth at home
  • [15:00] Now tandem nursing, Jennifer is really noticing the bond between her kids
  • [20:28] Jennifer finds out she’s pregnant again and her oldest decides to self wean
  • [30:53] How she found comfort in nursing her middle child after the loss of her newborn
  • [37:24] How Jennifer coped and is grieving after her loss and ending her breastfeeding journey

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