Weaning Tales: Children's book Authors Talk about Toddlers & Weaning
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Breastfeeding Talk
Weaning Tales: Children's book Authors Talk about Toddlers & Weaning
Jul 05, 2023 Episode 114
Jacqueline Kincer, IBCLC, CSOM

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Join Jacqueline in a unique, collaborative episode where she speaks with several authors of weaning books. Julie Dillemuth shares her process for writing Loving Comfort, a toddler-weaning story. Katherine Havener discusses the inspiration behind Nursies When the Sun Shines, a night-weaning story. Yvette Reid talks about her experience writing Booby Moon and Booby Moon for Two, a tandem nursing weaning story.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Advice from each author for parents who are trying to wean their toddlers from breastfeeding
  • The personal stories of readers who have used these books to wean their children
  • What inspired each author to write their books and why they decided to approach weaning in this way

A glance at this episode:

  • [3:50] Julie’s Intro and how she got started writing children’s books
  • [8:11] How important it is for children to see themselves represented in literature and how Julie’s books contribute to that
  • [11:06] Feedback Julie has received from readers over the years
  • [14:31] The process of writing and publishing a children’s book
  • [17:40] Julie’s other children’s books she’s written and her future plans
  • [21:40] Julie’s personal tip for anyone trying to wean their toddler
  • [26:00] Katherine’s intro and what she does
  • [27:12] What inspired Katherine to write a book about night weaning
  • [30:15] How Katherine decided on a book as opposed to another outlet 
  • [31:28] Katherine’s process of outsourcing the visual design for her book
  • [33:00] The impact Katherine’s book is making on other families
  • [35:17] Katherine’s future plans as an author
  • [40:54] Katherine gives a piece of personal advice for night weaning
  • [46:10] Yvette’s background in writing books and her inspiration for writing children’s books
  • [54:29] The impact that Yvette’s book has had on other families
  • [58:00] Yvette shares about her second book
  • [1:03:51] Yvette’s future plans as a children’s author
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