Fort Hood's Great Big Podcast

Show Me the Money!

July 22, 2021 Fort Hood Public Affairs Season 2 Episode 29
Fort Hood's Great Big Podcast
Show Me the Money!
Show Notes

This week, the podcast crew welcomes in subject-matter-experts from Fort Hood's Army Military Pay Office, the folks who fix things when you have issues with your Army pay. Brianna gets to fly solo for the interview, as we're still social distancing in the studio, and takes a good-natured ribbing from her co-hosts since she's the "senior" member of the podcast team now.

The crew:
- Samantha Farlow, Fort Hood Public Affairs
- SGT Lamont Shavers, 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade
- CPL Brianna Doo, 1st Cavalry Division Band

- CPT Bong Chi, Army Finance Officer
- Wilma McGahee, Director, Fort Hood Army Military Pay Office
- Brian Newberry, Supervisor, Processing Section, Fort Hood Military Pay Office

Music provided by the following:
"Gun Metal Grey" (opening/closing theme music) - Delicious Allstars
"Alpha" - Cyrano
"Learning By Doing" - Niklas Olovson
All music obtained, royalty free, through Filter by Songtradr at

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