Fort Hood's Great Big Podcast

Give Back, Hit the Gyms and Get a Job

August 05, 2021 Fort Hood Public Affairs Season 2 Episode 31
Fort Hood's Great Big Podcast
Give Back, Hit the Gyms and Get a Job
Show Notes

This week's podcast features two special guests focusing on helping the Fort Hood military community, extending fitness center hours and even offering employment on post. First up is the president of the Fort Hood Spouses Club, which is hosting its annual Super Sign-Up event from 9:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m., Aug. 19, at the Phantom Warrior Center. The chief of the Community Recreation Division rounds out the show, as post gyms will be expanding their hours of operation beginning Aug. 9, but there can be so much more ... if they can hire more folks. 

The crew:
- Samantha Farlow, Fort Hood Public Affairs
- SGT Lamont Shavers, 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade
- CPL Brianna Doo, 1st Cavalry Division Band (STILL on vacation!)
- SPC Kyra Pearl, 11th Corps Signal Brigade

- Desiree Groen, President, Fort Hood Spouses Club
- Blair Dupre, Sports/Leisure Editor, Fort Hood Sentinel (Standing Watch Since 1942)
- John Hamilton, Chief, Fitness, Athletics and Aquatics, Community Recreation Division, Fort Hood Directorate of Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation

Music provided by the following:
"Gun Metal Grey" (opening/closing theme music) - Delicious Allstars
"Alpha" - Cyrano
"Learning By Doing" - Niklas Olovson
All music obtained, royalty free, through Filter by Songtradr at

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