Fort Hood's Great Big Podcast

Go Green and Go to School (Safely)

August 19, 2021 Fort Hood Public Affairs Season 2 Episode 33
Fort Hood's Great Big Podcast
Go Green and Go to School (Safely)
Show Notes

With schools back in session, the podcast crew brings in Fort Hood's Environmental Outreach Coordinator who discusses how the Great Place continues to "Go Green" and a special program aimed at area youth. While co-host SGT Brianna Doo may be missing in action this week, U.S. Army Garrison-Fort Hood Commander COL Chad R. Foster is featured, reminding everyone to drive safely on the installation in school zones and where children are present.

The crew:
- Samantha Farlow, Fort Hood Public Affairs
- SGT Lamont Shavers, 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade
- SGT Brianna Doo, 1st Cavalry Division Band (Congrats on the promotion!)
- SPC Kyra Pearl, 11th Corps Signal Brigade

- Christine Luciano, Fort Hood Environmental Outreach Coordinator, Directorate of Public Works
- COL Chad R. Foster, Commander, U.S. Army Garrison-Fort Hood

Music provided by the following:
"Gun Metal Grey" (opening/closing theme music) - Delicious Allstars
"Grease Monkey" - Frederick Bux
"Learning By Doing" - Niklas Olovson
"Alpha" - Cyrano

All music obtained, royalty free, through Filter by Songtradr at

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