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Fort Hood's Victim Advocate Program

October 14, 2021 Fort Hood Public Affairs Season 2 Episode 41
Fort Hood's Great Big Podcast
Fort Hood's Victim Advocate Program
Show Notes

Twenty four people are either physically abused, raped or stalked every minute of every day, totaling 12,614,400 victims of domestic abuse annually, a crisis that domestic violence programs want to bring attention to for education and prevention. On this week's episode of Fort Hood's Great Big Podcast, Samantha and SPC Dacko discuss domestic violence and the programs available to all those here at Fort Hood.  Please note that this subject can be tough for those listening.

If you have questions, want to speak with someone confidentially, or want to report domestic abuse here at Fort Hood please use the following phone numbers:   
For general questions, call 254-288-3341
For an active crisis or to make a restricted report, call 254-702-4953 
For the Fort Hood reporting point of contact phone number, and all other reporting including abuse, call 254-287-CARE (2273)

Interview 1 starts at 00:26:88

The crew:
- Samantha Farlow, Fort Hood Public Affairs
- SPC Garrett Dacko, 11th Corps Signal Brigade

- Rhonda Shabazz, Victim Advocate Program Manager

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"Gun Metal Grey" (opening/closing theme music) - Delicious Allstars
"Learning By Doing" - Niklas Olovson

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