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2.9 FENCE 36 Episode Nine: Adam Kinner, Gabrielle Jennings, Normal State

April 04, 2021 Jason Zuzga
FENCE Magazine - Poetry Fiction Essay Other
2.9 FENCE 36 Episode Nine: Adam Kinner, Gabrielle Jennings, Normal State
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Featuring the work of FENCE 36 contributors:

Nonfiction on music by Adam Kinner, Poetry from Gabrielle Jennings, and a phone conversation between Adam Kinner and Gabrielle Jennings about music, art practice, and appropriation.  Opening and Closing noise by Jason Zuzga.

More on Normal State: Bandmember Covelline Blue's Art and Music Website.

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Rebecca Wolff is the founder and editor-in-chief of FENCE magazine.

This podcast was produced and edited by Jason Zuzga

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Adam Kinner - Everyday when he wakes up he wants to fill the bedroom with a tone
Gabrielle Jennings - Magnificent, she said
A Conversation between Gabrielle Jennings and Adam Kinner
Song by normal state - "perspectives" from the album "the weather"