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Senior Living Silver Linings Found Amidst The Crisis - Part 1 of 5

January 30, 2021 Hanh Brown and Guests Season 2 Episode 82
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Senior Living Silver Linings Found Amidst The Crisis - Part 1 of 5
Show Notes

2020 has been an eventful year for all of us globally, particularly for healthcare workers and older adults in long-term care. However 2020 had silver linings that would stand out as astonishing triumphs of human achievement in any older year. There were tremendous leaps in areas ranging from public health to medicine and technology.

There's so much to fight for, and honor the work of many people who under adverse conditions in a challenging time, still made tremendous progress on critical problems.

As we move into 2021 heading loss, many things that we should not have lost, more than 1.5 million preventable deaths have occurred so far. Hundreds of millions have been pushed into a spiral of poverty.

But beneath all of that, there is still real work in the world, which transforms our lives, helps older adults, treats disease and makes the future brighter.

That work deserves a spotlight. Here are (1 of 5) conversations with friends, and industry experts who share their silver linings as they go into 2021. 

Guest Speakers (Timestamps):
01:26 Hanh Brown - Introduction message
02:49 Lakleyn Hogan
04:48 Greg Gorgone
08:06 Ngan MacDonald
10:36 Rachel Nader
12:40 David Weisman
14:12 Michael R. Klatt
16:32 Steven Fuller
22:51 Kathryne Fassbender
25:51 Rick Banas
30:09 Cliff Ewing
33:21 Scott Tolan
35:52 Tom Tressler