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Shift for Inventures - Mission-Critical Moonshots

April 27, 2022 Shift Season 3 Episode 7
Shift by Alberta Innovates
Shift for Inventures - Mission-Critical Moonshots
Show Notes

As a part of a special Shift series on Inventures 2022, we're presenting an episode for each of the seven content tracks featured at this year's event.
This episode highlights Mission-Critical Moonshots and features an interview with Cole Rosentreter, founder and CEO of Pegasus Imagery. Pegasus builds and deploys autonomous drones to provides aerial data collection at scale, using AI systems to enable real-time data analytics. 
Mission-Critical Moonshots

The 1960s race for the moon spurred an explosion of technologies for everyday life. The moonshot mindset is motivating teams to achieve breakthroughs in quantum computing, fuel and propulsion, AI/ML, drones, logistics, data diagnostics and communications technologies. These extraordinary and everyday advancements are generating applications to make life on earth more sustainable, and life in space more possible. 

A major driving force enabling innovators to tackle moonshots is the incredible advancement in data science and AI. Human progress depends on the collection and analysis of data, which is becoming the new global currency.
Learn from the creators and entrepreneurs who are on the forefront of disruptive innovation as part of the Mission-Critical Moonshots knowledge track at Inventures 2022.

Cole Rosentreter, Founder and CEO, Pegasus Imagery
Cole is the founder and CEO of Pegasus Imagery. Prior to Pegasus, Cole served 15 years in the Canadian Military with Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry as a paratrooper. In 2018, he founded Pegasus to develop intelligence-driven solutions capable of transforming complex challenges like wildfire management. Cole is also a graduate of Draper University, a 2020 NASA iTech semi-finalist, and a 2021 EY Entrepreneur of the Year finalist.

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