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Shift for Inventures - Futurecasting Work

May 02, 2022 Shift Season 3 Episode 8
Shift by Alberta Innovates
Shift for Inventures - Futurecasting Work
Show Notes

As a part of a special Shift series on Inventures 2022, we're presenting an episode for each of the seven content tracks featured at this year's event.
This episode focuses on the track Futurecasting Work and features an interview with Jackson McDonough, co-founder and CEO of Upwardly Careers. Upwardly is upping the recruiting game by matching high-performing talent in Calgary with high-potential companies in the tech, finance, real estate, and energy sectors. Their process involves curated assessments for both candidates and clients to generate insightful data and make better decisions about fit and potential. 

Futurecasting Work

The future of work is now. Digitization and the rapid advancement and adoption of technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robotics, have sparked radical shifts in how we live and work. The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated these trends beyond what anyone could have imagined.

The pandemic has allowed workers to rethink their careers, work conditions and long-term goals, contributing to the “Great Resignation” trend. Capital follows talent, and talent is prioritizing purpose, diversity and inclusion. As myriad options for digital nomads emerge, so are radical innovations in technologies, communication systems and the nature of work itself. The ability to transform corporate culture and the ‘experience of work’ is becoming essential for survival and success.
Explore the new world of work and learn from the innovators and thought leaders who are redefining the workplace at Inventures 2022.

Jackson McDonough, Co-founder and CEO, Upwardly Careers
Jackson is the Co-founder and CEO of Upwardly Careers, a new startup based out of Calgary.  After graduating from St. Francis Xavier University with a finance degree, Jackson moved to Austin, Texas where he worked for a successful software company that went public on the NYSE. In April 2021, he launched Upwardly, a next-generation talent recruiting agency. With his past experience in tech and business, Jackson is motivated to bring Calgary communities and businesses together.

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