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Shift teases Inventures' panels - critical thinking to mitigate risk in a chaotic information economy

April 11, 2023 Shift Season 4 Episode 4
Shift by Alberta Innovates
Shift teases Inventures' panels - critical thinking to mitigate risk in a chaotic information economy
Show Notes

Welcome to the first in our series of Inventures teaser episodes leading up to our event on May 31.

My guests on this initial episode are Christine Maligec from Marsh Canada and Ron Markowski from the NAIT School of Business . Representing the industry and academic perspectives, respectively, they join me for a brief look at their panel topic on critical thinking entitled "Critical thinking to mitigate risk in a chaotic information economy."

Really it could have been called "Get ready to learn critical thinking skills to help you avoid analysis by paralysis."

Ron and Christine are engaging, knowledgeable and great speakers. This episode only gives you a shallow look (a teaser!) at what their panel on May 31 at 10am will be all about, but I think it gives enough to whet your appetite!

I hope you'll enjoy this episode as much as I did. AND I can't wait for their panel!

I hope to see you at Inventures and welcome to Shift!


Christine Maligec, Vice President of Enterprise Risk Service, Marsh Canada 

Christine has 20 years of combined insurance as well as 15 years of risk management experience. She has a diverse background of experience in the public sector including education, health and municipalities as well in the private sector. 

Christine also gives back by contributing time to her local Risk & Insurance Management Society Chapter and is a Public Member for the Alberta College of Pharmacy.

Dr. Ron Markowski, Program Coordinator/instructor, Critical Thinking, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, School of Business

Ron is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, and international keynote speaker. 

He's worked extensively with public and private sector organizations, and has helped entities ranging from start-ups, to large multinationals. In addition, his extensive research has demystified Critical Thinking into a simple four-quadrant model that can be easily understand and quickly applied by individual, teams, and organizations alike.  This model has proven to be particularly effective in data-driven environments that require diagnostic and analytical thinking to quickly identify and respond to emerging threats or opportunities.  

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