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Alberta IoT - growing and supporting Alberta's digital entrepreneurs and startups

May 22, 2023 Shift talks with Brenda Beckedorf from Alberta IoT Season 4 Episode 11
Shift by Alberta Innovates
Alberta IoT - growing and supporting Alberta's digital entrepreneurs and startups
Show Notes

Alberta IoT is a member-based non-profit organization working to build connections and support for Alberta-based digital companies with a focus on the Internet of Things. 

I had a chance to sit down with Brenda Beckedorf, Alberta IoT's Executive Director to talk about her organization's growth since its inception and the direction their boldly charting as they continue to function as a vital player in building Alberta as a centre for digital-based  businesses.

We discuss a number of their programs, from the Fast Track Accelerator and their Start-Up Visa for new Canadians who are working to establish themselves as tech entrepreneurs to the Science Park, Alberta IoT's newest initiative to tie industry with post-secondary to create a space for connection, collaboration and innovation to support the growth of all things digital, and much more!

Buckle up and welcome to Shift!


Brenda Beckedorf is the Executive Director of Alberta IoT. In her role as Executive Director, Brenda’s focus is to bring our community together to provide a common voice in advancing the knowledge, adoption, and growth of the Internet of Things industry within the province of Alberta and throughout the world.

Prior to Alberta IoT, Brenda started her career in technology with Graycon Group as Director of Business Development. She is a current Director of The Calgary Innovation Coalition (CIC--part of Alberta Innovates group of eight Regional Innovation Networks), a group of organizations in the Calgary region that support innovation-driven entrepreneurs, startups, and enterprises.

Brenda is also Director for Alberta Women Entrepreneur, who supports women in business through business advising, business skills development, financing, and providing networking opportunities. 

Brenda is a 2020 winner of the Universal Women Network Mentorship Award. Brenda previously served as Vice President of Calgary Women in Energy and until recently as Regional Director for AIoT Canada.

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