Shift by Alberta Innovates

Shift talks with Calgary-based Nanotess about nanotechnology innovations and entrepreneurialism

October 02, 2023 Megan Leslie and Julian Mulia from Nanotess Season 4 Episode 21
Shift by Alberta Innovates
Shift talks with Calgary-based Nanotess about nanotechnology innovations and entrepreneurialism
Show Notes

I had the chance to talk with  co-founders Megan Leslie and Julian Mulia about their work with Nanotess and their entrepreneurial journey while we are at Inventures 2023 this past May.

We dive into Nanotess 101, what it means and what they do and then we're right into discussing how Nanotess became certified as a manufacturer of medical devices with subsequent approval from Health Canada in an incredible two year time span.

Megan and Julian are very easy to talk to and are open in explaining their experiences as a young couple running an innovative company. We speak about using values and communication to guide the company in making decisions and much more!

Welcome to Shift!

Megan Leslie – Co-Founder & CEO of NanoTess Inc

Megan holds two degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Finance. At NanoTess, Megan has led the company to achieve numerous critical milestones. Notably, oversubscribing NanoTess’ pre-seed and seed financing rounds, winning several pitch competitions and awards including Startup Canada’s global pitch competition in the scale up category, REHAB i2c pitch competition and the Start Alberta A100 One to Watch, securing funding from federal, provincial, and military sources, completing a successful project with the Canadian Department of National Defense, certifying NanoTess’ ISO13485/MDSAP quality management system for medical device manufacturing, and obtaining Health Canada approval for NanoTess’ flagship product - NANOSALV Catalytic Advanced Wound Care Treatment Matrix.

Julian Mulia – Co-Founder & COO of NanoTess Inc

As an engineer by training, Julian has worked as a management consultant, advising Fortune 500 C-Suite clients on Strategy, Operations, and establishing their innovation ecosystems and intrapreneurship practices. As a co-founder of NanoTess, Julian has led several critical milestones including securing dilutive and non-dilutive funding, establishing both an R&D laboratory and a production facility for NanoTess, developing scalable supply chain partnerships for equipment and materials to avoid delays associated with scaling production quickly, and securing several key business development partnerships with clinicians, health care organizations, and multi-national companies to help grow and scale NanoTess and its technology.

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