Shift by Alberta Innovates

Shift special episode - Business during COVID-19

April 01, 2020 Shift Season 1 Episode 6
Shift by Alberta Innovates
Shift special episode - Business during COVID-19
Show Notes

COVID 19 has swept the globe and has left our Albertan innovation ecosystem in a state of fear and uncertainty. Businesses are struggling to handle the immediate pressure of balancing resources while maintaining revenue and the livelihood of their employees.

Alberta Innovates remains committed to ensuring the viability of the innovation ecosystem through our coaching, community and capital investment support. These are extraordinary circumstances and we are working quickly to support Alberta business during this critical time.

This episode features a round table discussion with Terry Rock, President and CEO of Platform Calgary; Lan Tan, Director of Entrepreneur Development at TEC Edmonton, and and Lindsay Spadavecchia, Technology Development Advisor with Alberta Innovates. The group discusses the current innovation ecosystem and how our communities are responding.

Discussion topics included:

  • The resources available for businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Thoughts on maintaining your mental and physical health as a entrepreneur
  • Ways to leverage the ecosystem to keep things moving forward
  • Tips on best way to stay connected during times of isolation
  • Tips on preparing for recovery

Together, we have the fortitude and capacity to emerge from this challenge stronger and better.

Shift by Alberta Innovates focuses on the people, businesses and organizations that are contributing to Alberta's strong tech ecosystem.