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Coach Bruce Brown - Wisdom, Curiosity, & The Car Ride Home

October 06, 2022 Casey Jacox Season 3 Episode 164
The Quarterback DadCast
Coach Bruce Brown - Wisdom, Curiosity, & The Car Ride Home
Show Notes

As you've seen, Season 3 is dedicated to my father, Mike Jacox, who passed away late in 2021. I Love and miss you, Dad.  Thank you, #CatchSitkaSportFishing and #ACMEHomes, for your continued support!!!  Today's episode only happens thanks to a heartfelt introduction from my good friend, Josh McFadyen.  THANK YOU!

Today, we sat down with the legendary Coach Bruce Brown, the Managing Director for Proactive coaching.    After spending time with Bruce over Zoom, I was lucky to visit him and his lovely wife, Dana.  The one thing that stood out and was so powerful with the attention, the look in his eye, showed how much Bruce and Dana are in love.  So inspiring and a reminder for us dads to slow down to make sure our wives know how much we love them.

Bruce is a very talented author, coach, speaker, and mentor to many.  Below are some career highlights

  • 35 years as a teacher, coach, and athletic administrator at the junior high, high school, junior college, and collegiate levels.
  • Coached football, basketball, baseball, and volleyball
  • Former National presenter for the NAIA’s Champions of Character Program
  • Clinician – Speaking nationally to athletes, coaches, parents, school districts, and corporations

Here is one of the famous articles written about Bruce Brown and his partner, Rob Miller.  

Some other highlights worth sharing:

  • Encourage healthy risk-taking for our kids in sports.
  • Value is not measured by the performance of the game.
  • Are your words serving us as dads OR are they serving others? Powerful!
  • An amazing story when Bruce spent time backstage with the famous Cal Ripken.

Lastly, Coach Brown has been on stage with some amazing individuals that I'm sure you have heard of including: Coach John Wooden, Coach K, Coach Dean Smith, Coach Dick Vermiel, and Coach Buck O'Neil from the American Negro Baseball league.

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