The Quarterback DadCast

Marc Chandonnet - Seattle Men's & Women's Golf Coach

November 03, 2022 Casey Jacox Season 3 Episode 168
The Quarterback DadCast
Marc Chandonnet - Seattle Men's & Women's Golf Coach
Show Notes

As you've seen, Season 3 is dedicated to my father, Mike Jacox, who passed away late in 2021. I Love and miss you, Dad.  Thank you, #CatchSitkaSportFishing and #ACMEHomes, for your continued support!!!

Today, we sat down with Marc Chandonnet, the Head Men's and Women's golf coach for Seattle University.   He is in his 10th season as the head coach of the Seattle University men's and women's golf teams. To date, his teams have collected 51 total WAC All-Academic Team honorees (24 men, 27 women), four Cleveland Golf/Srixon All-America Scholars, two Golf Coaches Association of America All-America Scholars, and 17 WGCA All-American Scholars, as well as a GCAA President’s Special Recognition Award and a WGCA All-Scholar Team award.  Pretty impressive!

Today, though, we talked to Marc, the dad.  We learn about his golf journey as a player, which led him to Grand Canyon State University, where he would meet his wife, Jody.  Together, they have three wonderful children who keep them busy with their activities.  Marc is a Boston native who grew up in a blue-collar town that taught him the value of hard work.   In this episode, we discussed the coaching profession and how it found Marc.

Additionally, we talked about teaching and valuing processes in life and teaching our kids that it is not always about the score of each game and that any sport will not define you.  We also talked about #empathy, #leadership, #self-awareness, #respect, and #motivation. 

Marc also shared a powerful article that truly impacted him and his golfing/teaching mindset, which you can find here -

Lastly, Marc taught us all the power of slowing down to truly get to know your kids and ensure they are having fun!  Gold!

To learn more about Marc, you can visit him on LinkedIn or Instagram (@proseattleu). 

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