The Quarterback DadCast

Douglas Smith - Instilling hard work & planning

December 01, 2022 Casey Jacox Season 3 Episode 172
The Quarterback DadCast
Douglas Smith - Instilling hard work & planning
Show Notes

As you've seen, Season 3 is dedicated to my father, Mike Jacox, who passed away late in 2021. I Love and miss you, Dad.  Thank you, #CatchSitkaSportFishing and #ACMEHomes, for your continued support!!!

Today, we sat down with Douglas Smith from Cordia Resources. Doug and I worked together for nearly 17 years while at Kforce.    In September 2017, Douglas listened to his heart and took a risk to be his boss and build something special, precisely what he has done as a partner in their firm.   For the fourth consecutive year, Cordia Resources and Cordia Partners are proud to be recognized by the Washington Business Journal (WBJ). Cordia Resources ranked as one of the Top 10 Largest Executive and Professional Recruiters and one of the Top 15 Largest Temporary Staffing Companies in 2021. Cordia Partners ranked among the Top 15 Largest Accounting Firms in 2021.

Today, we learn about Doug, the dad.  We learn about he grew up a preacher's kid in Pennsylvania, where he also shares a great story about when his father was a warden of a prison.  We learned about his parents' impact on him and how they just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.   Doug and his bride have two kids that keep them very busy with sports and activities, and he is working on teaching him three things that his parents taught him:

  • Hard work
  • Always have a plan
  • Value people

Doug also shares his impact and respect for his military mentors, including Todd Lowry, and the late Don Harvey.  He also teaches and reminds us why being present takes action, but is possible when focused.  Lastly, he talks about the word listening and why we must embrace the true meaning to understand the full effects listening can offer the relationships in our lives.

Todd shares a great story about his beloved Syracuse alma and one of his favorite football players, Larry Csonka.  

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