The Quarterback DadCast

Jay Webb - Podcaster, Author, & Elite Sales Recruiter

December 22, 2022 Casey Jacox Season 3 Episode 175
The Quarterback DadCast
Jay Webb - Podcaster, Author, & Elite Sales Recruiter
Show Notes

As you've seen, Season 3 is dedicated to my father, Mike Jacox, who passed away late in 2021. I Love and miss you, Dad.  Thank you, #CatchSitkaSportFishing and #ACMEHomes, for your continued support!!!

Today, we sat down with Jay Webb, the founder of the J. David Group, which helps growing companies find the G.O.A.T.S. for rapidly growing software companies.    Jay and I met through the power of LinkedIn, and I knew he and I would hit it off just by his curiosity alone.  Before starting his own firm, Jay sold cars at Enterprise and flipped houses in the real estate market until a phone call he received in Vegas changed his career path.  
Jay is also the host of the G.O.A.T.S of Growth Podcast, a must-listen for business leaders looking to learn ways to find, identify, retain, and grow your tier-1 sales talent.   

Jay is a Boston native, a proud Stonehill Skyhawk, and a big sports fan.  He and his wife have a nine-year-old daughter and a 7-year-old son who they are so proud of.  As you will hear, Jay is grounded by his values, not only as a father but also as a business leader.  These values are curiosity, diversity, teamwork, forgiveness, urgency, communication, consciousness, optimism, and fun! 

Jay shares his story of being raised by his mother, who also had support from his grandma, aunt, and uncle.  His parents divorced at age 5, and he shares a powerful story of his father's adversity he faced, and also how his relationship with him early fed into his drive and determination.  He credits his mother's structure, her ability to have strict rules, and how she kept him accountable for his growth in life.  

A couple of key things Jay shared that stood out in our conversation was that healthy & happy people help and hurt people hurt.  We also talked about forgiveness and reconciliation relating to relationships in life.   If you ever get the chance to Zoom with Jay, you will find artwork from his kids everywhere in his office.  He is a present, a leader, and we all can learn from Jay as the QB of his household.

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