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Keith Hawk - Be Present & The Power of Setting Expectations

January 12, 2023 Casey Jacox Season 4 Episode 178
The Quarterback DadCast
Keith Hawk - Be Present & The Power of Setting Expectations
Show Notes

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Today, we sit down with Keith Hawk, aka..... "Pistol." Keith spent nearly 30+ years at LexisNexis.  After 30 years in a wide variety of roles (e.g., SVP Sales, VP of Customer Support, Director of Marketing, Director of Technical Support), Keith developed a very rich background in the information industry, and he played a broad role in the development of LexisNexis as a company.

Before joining LexisNexis, Keith spent seven years with AT&T/Ohio Bell, where he was a Sales Professional and served in AT&T’s “Top Gun” sales training program. Keith graduated from Ohio University in 1977 with a BS in Communications, and in 1987, he received his MBA from the University of Dayton.

He is married (Judy) and has three sons (Matthew, Ryan, and A.J.). His hobbies include fitness, golf, and watching his children, and now grandchildren, play sports (Hi son A.J. is a co-host of the Pat MacAfee Show and recently just concluded his 11-season career as an NFL linebacker, where he retired as the all-time leading tackler for the Green Bay Packers.  His Son Ryan Hawk was a former guest on the QB DadCast, and also was a quarterback at Ohio University and in the Arena Football League.  Lastly, his other son Matthew was from Judy's 1st marriage and is the handy & technical one of the family, who they are extremely proud of too!

Keith now regularly speaks worldwide on such topics as Leadership, Principled Negotiation techniques, Consultative Selling, and Building Thriving Corporate Cultures. He is the co-author of two popular business books, Get-Real Selling and Terrific – Five Star Customer Service.  Today, we talk to Pistol, the Dad.  We learn about this nickname, and we learn how his father helped shape him too!  In addition, you will hear a hilarious story about golf balls and piranhas! 

Pistol shares why the power of showing up is so important!  He also explains why vividly setting clear expectations will dramatically help you as a father and in all aspects of your life with relationships.  He reinforces why the golden rule is vital in everything we do by treating others how you want to be treated.  Lastly, be exceptional with how you communicate! 

There is so much wisdom with us in this episode, so hopefully, you are in a spot to take some notes!

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