The Quarterback DadCast

Shaun "Razor" Rezachek - Leading by Example

January 19, 2023 Casey Jacox Season 4 Episode 179
The Quarterback DadCast
Shaun "Razor" Rezachek - Leading by Example
Show Notes

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Today, we sit down with Shaun "Razor" Rezacheck from the fabulous TaylorMade Golf Company.  Razor and I met late in 2022 while I was speaking at their annual sales meeting, and what a great time we had!  He is a former collegiate golfer who stood out at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.  Additionally, Razor possesses over 20 years of business experience in sales & leadership.    However, this conversation is about Shaun, the dad.  

We will learn how growing up with parents as Teachers impacted him, and will also hear why his dad was is idol!   We learn about his dad as a coach for many years and how family dinners were always so important in their family.  

We explore controlling a temper, setting proper expectations, the car ride home, work ethic, patience, and much more!  

We finished our conversation with some great advice for us dads, which is to always lead by example, teach that effort in = effort out, and lastly, encourage our kids to always ask questions.

To connect with Razor, you can find him on LinkedIn. 

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