We Should Talk About That

Reclaim Your Sex Life with Author of 'Sex Points' and the Queen of Vibrators: Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus

March 01, 2021 Jessica Buchanan and Jessica Kidwell Season 2 Episode 27
We Should Talk About That
Reclaim Your Sex Life with Author of 'Sex Points' and the Queen of Vibrators: Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus
Show Notes

LADIES. Pop in some ear buds, and get comfy. Dr. Bat Sheva is about to blow your sex socks off,  and we're not being metaphorical here!
Dr. Bat Sheva, Clinical Director of Maze Women's Sexual Health, breaks it down- why you might not want to be having sex right now- and her newly released book  Sex Points: Reclaim your Sex Life with a Multi-Point System has the answers to getting you back into bed! The Two Jess(es) have (as always) the most fun, talking about sex, vibrators, the M word, and the BIG OOO (and so much more!) Dr. Marcus is here to answer your questions, and what she can't answer in this hour, she most certainly will in her book as she outlines her multi point system for identifying the areas that need help.

With comic relief and an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience, Dr. Bat Sheva blows the lid off stigma associated with not wanting to have sex, painful sex, sex for one, and normalizes the conversation. Her message, while lively and often times hilarious, is really one of hope. If you are a woman, or identify as one, and have lost your sex drive,  your libido is lacking, or you can't turn the To-Do list off in your mind....well, that is something we really think we should be talking about!

Meet Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus!

Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus is a certified sex therapist and the author of Sex Points: Reclaim Your Sex Life with the Revolutionary Point System. Dr. Marcus is the Clinical Director of Maze Women’s Sexual Health, the largest independent sexual health center in the country. She wrote her dissertation on women and vibrator use while earning her Doctor of Philosophy in human sexuality from the Institute of Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. She also has a Master’s in public health from the same institution. She is a licensed social worker with a Master’s degree from Columbia University.

Dr. Marcus has worked as the executive director of not-for-profit institutions and corporations, medical practices and laboratories. In addition to being featured in a NY Times article, she is a frequent guest on radio, podcasts and has lectured both nationally and overseas on a wide variety of women’s issues.

Read Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus’ PhD Dissertation: Changes in a Woman’s Sexual Experience and Expectations Following the Introduction of Electric Vibrator Assistance

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