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On the Nature of Nature

May 08, 2020 Season 1 Episode 5
SoulPrints Podcast
On the Nature of Nature
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What is nature? We all say it's important. We say we're out of touch with it. In these strange times, we say we both need more of it and less of it. We put up signs to protect it. We put up fences to be protected from it. 

Nature - red in tooth in claw. 
Nature - a great symphony of symbiosis. 

How do I fit in in this equation? What are the notes I contribute to this symphony? Will I play and burn out, though no one will applaud until long after I'm gone? Or do I seek to seize the ending and steal the prize, so that I alone stand on the stage, sterile and hysteric? 

Join me on my nature walk through a suburban place of shelter, on an April afternoon, 2020. 

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Musical Intro ('Amazing Grace')
Part 1 - Nature Walk
Musical Interlude ('Stories')
Part 2 - On the Nature of Nature
Musical Outro ('My Little Symphony')