Super Saints Podcast

Saint John Eudes

August 18, 2021 Brother Joseph
Super Saints Podcast
Saint John Eudes
Show Notes

Saint John Eudes Founder of the Congregation of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary - Founder of Eudists. This documentary was taped in France.Come with Bob and Penny as they follow the fascinating life of St. John Eudes. We begin at Les Tourvaillers in southern Normandy, France, where the parents of our Saint went in petition to Our Lady of Recovery. We go to his home town Ri, and the Church where he was baptized, received First Holy Communion and spent his youth. Continue on to Paris, the Mother House of the Eudists, and Fr. Laurent Tournier, who explained Paris at the time of St. John. We go to Oratoire des Louvres, where he was ordained and celebrated his first Mass, under the church of St. Sulpice, where the Church was at the time of St. John, Aubervillers, where he spent two years, Douvres-la-deliverande near Caen, where he started the Congregation of Jesus and Mary, and the Mission he began in the city of Caen, where he died.

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