The Deacon Dave & Layperson Lisa Show

On Guard

May 27, 2020 Season 1 Episode 19
The Deacon Dave & Layperson Lisa Show
On Guard
Show Notes

Guardian Angels—angel choir

Here to guard/help us

Strong and intelligent

We can ask them for help in getting along with others.  Greet the person’s guardian angel in your heart before you greet them.  You will have 2 angels and yourself help you get along

Fr Chad Ripperger:

“God created something above you for you.”

Developing a special bond with your guardian angel helps deepen our internal life and helps us grow in holiness.

Guardian angel chose us.  They knew us before we were created and out of love and obedience to God, said yes to His offer to protect us.  They have had full knowledge of our temperaments, the sins we would commit, and all the good we would do.  They know us better than we know ourselves.

Pray to our guardian angels to help us grow in holiness.  Ask GA to reveal our primary defect to us so we can identify it and know what we need to change to grow in holiness.  (Our Lady of Sorrows, also).  Ask GA to show us our weaknesses and how our spiritual growth is affected and hindered.

Ask GA to humble us daily.  Pray for interior humiliations.  GA knows best and surest way to heaven is humility.  We will discover surprising ways our ego was injured or pride shattered.  All angels are perfect in all virtues.  But primary way of serving God is thru humble submission to His will. 

Combat evil and strengthen us.  Many exorcists say, in their experience, we may have guardian demons—those that said no to guarding us.  Satan mocks God, so he assigned us a demon. This diabolic spirit tries to dissuade us from getting closer to God, is an agent of temptation.  GA with us always.  Pray that our GA keeps us strong in times of temptations, assists us with holy thoughts and influences our imaginations, especially when under intense attacks.  GA can sway us to heavenly things when we ask by influencing our senses, intellect and will.  GA illuminates the truth and can intervene miraculously.

Padre Pio:

 “…the GA is our most sincere and trusted friend and even when, through our own fault, we sadden him with our own bad behavior.”  

Had people send him their GA when they needed guidance.  We can send our GA to others in need.