Punjabi Trucking 360

California Trucking Show Report

October 18, 2021 Raman Dhillon Season 1 Episode 25
Punjabi Trucking 360
California Trucking Show Report
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Show Notes

UTECH Jason Barnes @ 888-228-4460 or email: jason.barnes@utechcorp.com
Please mention NAPTA25 for 25% off on all hardware. www.GPSTab.com/now

JS Insurance Jagdeep Singh @ 559-260-3207 or 559-277-5580

Singh Finance Sharan KaurPadda @ 832-604-6905 or email: sharank@singhfinancing.com

Please feel free to send us your questions or concerns. Please reach out to JS Truck Insurance at 559-277-5580 for your next insurance quote.

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Reach Flatrate Dispatching Services at 559-710-1212
NAPTA at 877-622-1313

Punjabi Trucking 360 can be reached at 559-701-8000 or info@ramandhillonshow.com for advertisement and show inquiries. 

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