Lab Rat Chat

2. Veterinarians and Animal Research

January 15, 2020 Lab Rat Chat Season 1 Episode 2
Lab Rat Chat
2. Veterinarians and Animal Research
Show Notes

Lab Rat Chat - Episode 02 with Dr. Steve Shipley, a laboratory animal veterinarian from UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine

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In this second episode of Lab Rat Chat, Jeff and Danielle speak with Dr. Shipley to continue to illustrate the importance of animals in research for the continued advancement of both human and veterinary medicine.

That's right, there are actual veterinarians working in research laboratories all over the world who have taken an oath to oversee and protect the health and welfare of every single animal.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Dr. Shipley’s background and how he got involved in the field of laboratory animal medicine
  • His role within his current position as a veterinarian working in a research laboratory
  • How research animals are cared for from a veterinary standpoint, including diagnosing, treating, and preventing disease and illness
  • The importance of continuing to use animals in research
  • Whether or not there is potential to discontinue the use of animals in research in the near future
  • Laboratory animal medicine as a career choice for aspiring veterinarians as well as veterinary technicians, husbandry staff, administrators, etc.

Notable quotes:

“My job as a laboratory animal veterinarian is to manage, prevent and treat disease.  And my job as a veterinarian in private practice was to manage, prevent, and treat disease.”

“You actually sign a contract, your institution signs a binding contract with the government saying, there are rules that have been set up and you say we will follow and abide by these rules”

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