Lab Rat Chat

12. All About BRAD

August 27, 2020 Lab Rat Chat Season 1 Episode 12
Lab Rat Chat
12. All About BRAD
Show Notes

Lab Rat Chat - Episode 12 with Dr. Logan France, board-certified laboratory animal veterinarian and Founder and Program Director of BRAD
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In this episode of Lab Rat Chat, Danielle and I had a chance to catch up with Dr. Logan France to talk all about Biomedical Research Awareness Day (BRAD), officially planned for September 17, 2020.  If you don’t already know, BRAD is a truly amazing day that celebrates the use of animals in biomedical research that have contributed to both human and veterinary medicine.  Anyone and everyone can and should celebrate BRAD and help educate and inform not only the public but also themselves on the importance of animal research.  To get started, head to the BRAD webpage in the ‘Resources and Links’ section below and be sure to follow them on all their social media accounts!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Dr. France’s extensive background and experiences throughout her education and career.
  • An overview of what Biomedical Research Awareness Day is and how it all started.
  • How BRAD has grown over the years to become a worldwide celebration of laboratory animals and medical advancements.
  • Ways to get involved and celebrate this annual tradition.
  • Dr. France’s favorite laboratory animal and a couple of her favorite medical discoveries that have come from the use of animals in biomedical research.

Notable quotes:

“We also created BRAD challenges for this year…we’ve got 18 challenges for people to complete that are focused on showing support for animal research and educating others about the importance for animal research, and by participating they can earn entries for a raffle where we are giving away a bunch of neat prizes.”

“The Principal Investigator (PI) for this lab was on the team of surgeons that completed the first bilateral forearm transplant at John’s Hopkins in a young man who survived a quadruple amputation after an injury in Iraq, and he lost all four limbs and was then able to have this transplant done and he now has two working arms…he’s able to do push-ups and pull-ups.”

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