Lab Rat Chat

16. The Frontline Heroes within Animal Research

November 25, 2020 Lab Rat Chat Season 1 Episode 16
Lab Rat Chat
16. The Frontline Heroes within Animal Research
Show Notes

Lab Rat Chat - Episode 16 with Lisa Roberts from the University of Connecticut
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In this episode of Lab Rat Chat, Danielle and I talked with Lisa Roberts, RLATg, a veterinary technician at the University of Connecticut.  We had a very interesting conversation about the day-to-day operations and what life is like for those working within an animal research facility.  Lisa talked to us about the various positions within their animal care facility and the daily interactions that go on between them to ensure the animals are constantly receiving the best quality of care.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Lisa’s extensive background and experience throughout her education and career.
  • The day-to-day responsibilities and what life is like working within an animal research facility.
  • A few of Lisa’s favorite projects that she’s been a part of over the years
  • Advice for those who may be interested in pursuing a career in laboratory animal science.

Notable quote:

“The animal care techs...they are an advocate and a voice for the animals, they see and interact with them daily and they'll notice those subtle changes in their behavior...and it's so important to have people in those positions that are intuitive to that.  I feel that people who have a love for animals are the people that are drawn to this position, and they are very good at that job."

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