Lab Rat Chat

17. Advancing Organ Transplantations

December 11, 2020 Lab Rat Chat Season 1 Episode 17
Lab Rat Chat
17. Advancing Organ Transplantations
Show Notes

Lab Rat Chat - Episode 17 with Dr. Sherrie Clark, Professor and Clinician at Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine
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In this episode of Lab Rat Chat, Dr. Sherrie Clark, a veterinarian and one of Jeff’s professors at Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine joined the show to talk about the important role that pigs (and other species) play in developing our ability to transplant organs from animals into humans.  This episode hits on a lot of interesting points, from Dr. Clark’s very unique experiences including milking pigs to detailed and informative descriptions of what all is involved when it comes to animal-to-human organ transplants

Topics discussed in this episode:

· Dr. Clark’s extensive background and experience throughout her education and career.

· Why and how pigs are a good model to use for many different capacities throughout biomedical research.

· How pig models can and are being used to study how to one day transplant organs from animals into humans.

· The types of different organs that could be used for transplants from animals into humans and the complexities of making this a reality in the near-future.

Notable quote:

“The heart is similar size, a lot of the organs are very similar, the digestive tract is very similar, they’re just really a nice model"

“My colleague got some grant funding and said, ‘What if we took fat and took it to the laboratory, started those stem cells on the process of rederiving into bone, and then we’re able to put those cells back into humans?”.”

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